Today, let me take an opportunity to speak about something unconventional. Something or someone about whom we always have thought that they will be fine! Without understanding the conditions they rather we are living in. We talk about everyone who is at the epitome of the receiving end of sympathy, we talk about the ever collapsing economy. But…but we never speak about the growing, the fatal solitude turned loneliness of an urban millennial. I agree with the fact that we have jobs and that we still are able to afford to stay at home, but what about the mental sanity? Does that not count? Does it not count to speak to four walls for your entire day? Does it not count that we have to starve to death if we do not cook after the 8, 9, 10 hours of working from home, does it not count that we stare to a fluorescent screen to fall asleep at the end of the day, if we are able to get sleep? Does it not count that your thoughts get piled up within ourselves and there is no way to vent it out?

To all the single people who are on their own at these difficult times, I know that we are not in this “together” because we live alone! But let us spread kindness and empathy to combat this situation. We have always spoken about mental health recently, but seldom have done enough! This is the time guys! Let us be there for each other.

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