There are a few observations I have had in the last couple of years, which I want to talk about here. Firstly, we, the human race, as a species, have we forgot to think? Think and grasp beyond what is visible to us at the first glance? Are we afraid to think? Alternatively, have we forgotten how to? On the other hand, do we lack the ability of “critical thinking”? Do we ever try to understand things, which do not directly or indirectly affect us, things that do not concern our 9-5 jobs? Very few of us actually read and try to understand things, which will not give them a hike in the next appraisal cycle. This is a very concerning, at least for me. This limits us, limits our thoughts, and limits the expansion of our mindset. There is nothing wrong about being a skeptic, questioning is the one of the few reasons of intellectual growth. I would urge people to please read, seek and explore.

Lately, we have been engaging ourselves in cheap thrills much more than what we used to do a few decades earlier. The “Pop Culture” is killing us. Is killing our intellect. Socialization today means, “partying hard” with people we do not actually care about. Grooving to shitty Bollywood songs, if we can call them that, and waking up with a hangover on alternate Sunday mornings. But did you actually connect to the person you partied with? The trivia is that, we mostly never connect with people when we are happy. The real connection happens when we expose our vulnerabilities and insecurities with someone. Does not matter if that person can heal us or not, but that is what is being a confidant. I hope everyone finds a person with whom staying indoors and doing nothing is palatable. That person doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else. Blaise Pascal once said that, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” I agree to it and you can too..

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